Django comments

I've tried adding a comments feature to this site, using the stock django.contrib.comments application, mostly following the instructions from the Django Wiki, and also using James Bennet's comment-utils described here.

The Wiki is pretty thorough, but one thing I think it missed was that in the template for displaying comments, you should have a

<a name="c{{ }}" />

Near the beginning of where your comment starts being output, so the standard get_absolute_url() method for the FreeComment model has a place to point to.

A couple things that were not really talked about in the comment-utils docs were where to get the Python Akismet library, and the need for a comment_utils/comment_notification_email.txt template if you want e-mail notifications. I ended up with something simple like:

Comment:{{ comment.get_absolute_url }}
From: {{ comment.person_name }}

{{ comment.comment }}


I'm a bit skeptical about how well the Akismet spam-filtering service will work, but we'll see how it goes.