The software listed here was generally written to satisfy some kind of personal itch I've had at one time or another, but may be useful to others. Enjoy.

bpgsql - Barebones pure-python PostGreSQL client
jfif - Manipulate JPEG-JFIF Files, extract Exif info using Python
py-amqplib - Python client for the Advanced Message Queuing Procotol (AMQP)
py-exim-localscan - Scan incoming mail with Python
py-md4 - RSA MD4 Message-Digest Algorithm
py-smbpasswd - SMB Password Hash Generator
q2java - Quake II game logic in Java
qwpython - Python-powered QuakeWorld Server
rexxdate - Calendar functions for manipulating dates in OS/2
unhpi - Java app to extract files from Total Annihilation HPI archives

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