Lighttpd matching default virtual hosts.

While taking a look at Lightttpd, found that it didn't seem possible to setup a condition that only acted if a host wasn't specified in the request header. Filed ticket 458 in the Lighttpd Trac, so that a config could use

$HTTP["host"] == ""

Currently, a non-specified host is stored as a NULL, and comparisons to NULL always fail.

Otherwise Lighttpd seems fairly decent, and has some advantages to running CGIs in that you can easily suexec them to run under other userids. Apache only seems to want to do that for virtual hosts or personal user folders - not arbitrary CGIs in non-user folders.

Going to PyCon 2006

Found out this week that I get to attend PyCon 2006 on my employer's dime. Never been to anything like this before, so it should be interesting. Probably will attend the more web-related presentations.

Trying PyBlosxom

Going to give PyBlosxom a try, seems like a pretty simple system for throwing together a simple blog. Right now simple sounds pretty good. A lot of the Python-related blogs I normally end up seeing seem to use this software, so I figure it can't be too bad. Things like Zope/Plone/Turbogears seem like way overkill for just a simple one-person setup.

I'm kind of interested in the idea of a blog as a resume, so I'll try to write down some of the things I've worked on or figured out.

Previously, I've put some things on Advogato, however I always felt a bit guilty entering items that were too lengthy or not interesting enough for other readers. I guess that doesn't stop most bloggers, but at least on my own server I feel I can abuse it as much as I want.